Floating Bus Stop Accessibility: What Have We Learned?

3:00 pm ET


  • Yousteena Bockton, WSP Canada
  • Megan Mello, Kittelson & Associates Inc.
  • Jeremy Chrzan, Toole Design

The "floating bus stop" design, which provides a separated bicycling facility that routes bicyclists between a bus stop and the sidewalk, is gaining traction in Canada and the US, with many implementations across the continent. For bicyclists, this design enhances safety by removing interactions with transit vehicles at transit stops. For pedestrians, people with vision disabilities experience various challenges at this type of bus stop related to wayfinding and detecting and negotiating with bicyclists. Some of the solutions proposed for people with vision disabilities also affect people with mobility disabilities. In response to these concerns, a great deal of engagement and research has focused on improving and standardizing design guidance to mitigate and address these challenges and provide consistency. Much has been learned, but some questions are still unanswered and require more research. This session will include presentations from three firms with first-hand experience engaging with people with vision disabilities on these designs to provide a 
"state of practice" of this key type of infrastructure.

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