August 17, 2022 Webinar

Data Don't Drive: The Limitations of Crash Data for Understanding Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Mobility Needs

3:00 pm ET


  • Dan Gelinne, UNC Highway Safety Research Center
  • Dr. Katherine J Harmon, UNC Highway Safety Research Center
  • Dr. Tabitha Combs, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

An interactive session designed to introduce participants to the shortcomings of traditional safety data sources (e.g., crash data) and analysis methods (e.g., hot spot analysis), expand their awareness of other data sources (e.g., pedestrian/bicycle count data, community- and crowd-sourced data), and engage participants in activities that illustrate how a combination of traditional and nontraditional data sources can be used to identify both safety and mobility problems, address latent risks and unmet mobility needs, and develop innovative solutions. 

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