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Moving from World Class Trails to Fully Connected Mobility Networks
3:00pm EST


  • Kyle D. Wagenschultz, City Thread
  • Jessica Pearson, Bentonville Moves Coalition
  • David Wright, City of Bentonville

Bentonville, Arkansas takes pride in its history, small-town charm, and unique natural features. With its success, come challenges. Population growth and the related pressures of housing and transportation create a daunting mix of difficulties. Today, Bentonville leaders are looking for ways to address them. Bicycling can help. Buoyed by world-class mountain bike trails and the Razorback Greenway, the popularity of cycling has grown tremendously in recent years, developing a culture of outdoor recreation and interest in expanding bicycling to other parts of everyday life for residents. Like many cities, Bentonville has taken all the "right" steps - securing funding to construct projects, adopting forward-looking policies and long-term plans, and engaging leadership across both public and private sectors. But on their own, these steps haven't led to rapid improvements to mobility. Today, Bentonville leaders are using a dynamic, accelerated approach to overcoming these challenges as they seek to construct one-third of their planned network in only two years. New strategies, coordinated between municipal and community partners, help pinpoint public support for mobility solutions and mobilize community-based coalitions in partnership with the city. Together, city officials and residents are moving forward, faster.

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