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Quickly and Comprehensively Implementing a Major Shift in Transportation Design to Improve Safety and Encourage Active Transportation
3:00pm EST


  • Narayan Donaldson, Mobycon
  • Andy Esartes, Town of Canmore

The Town of Canmore, a town of 14 000 in the Rocky Mountains adopted a new Integrated Transportation Plan in 2018 which includes aggressive targets for modal shift away from private automobiles and toward active transportation, and an increased focus on traffic safety. In the subsequent few years, many roadway reconstruction projects and infrastructure retrofits have completely transformed streetscapes, improving safety and accessibility for all users and increasing the modal share of active transportation modes. In this webinar, Andy Esartes, Manager of Engineering for the Town of Canmore, and Narayan Donaldson, integrated mobility consultant with Mobycon, present the theories underlying Canmore's transformation, as well as the experiences and lessons learned from quickly rolling out substantial infrastructure changes. They will discuss past projects such as reconstructing a major intersection as a protected intersection featuring near-side traffic signals and fully-protected phases in all directions, reconstructing a collector road to add wide red-colored cycle tracks, introducing continuous sidewalks and cycle tracks, using modular precast concrete islands to quickly roll out durable traffic calming, and integrating active transportation infrastructure into new developments.


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