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E-bikes: City Savior or Supervillain
3:00pm EST


  • Alia Anderson, Toole Design Group
  • Sean Quinn, New York City Department of Transportation
  • West Kyle, Franklinton Cycleworks

The climate crisis and traffic safety crisis demand bold solutions, including reducing single-occupancy-vehicle trips. E-bikes make biking more accessible to older adults, people in hilly and suburban places, and many people who don't identify as "cyclists." It’s no wonder: bike sales are out-pacing electric cars. E-bikes bring challenges too: they're expensive; cheap batteries can catch fire; and some people worry about safety. Like them or not: cities need a proactive game plan for the e-bike boom. This session present the Top 10 specific actions that cities can take to get ahead of the challenges and make the most of the opportunity e-bikes present. Then, we will explore two applied case studies of local programs designed to increase e-bike access amongst low-income buyers and improve safety for everyone.

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