Data storytelling for multimodal pathways

3:00 pm ET


  • Deven Young, Alta Planning and Design;
  • Mitali Gupta, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority;
  • Emily Duchon, Alta Planning and Design

This session will explore how data analysis and scenario planning tools can go from jargon to storytelling that is both accessible and digestible to a wide range of audiences. We will explore three California multimodal pathway corridors that will show how data can be used to build, describe and validate pathway planning and design decision making. We will begin by reviewing California's 300+ mile Great Redwood Trail and explore how to gather your data and build your story. We will then discuss Santa Clara Valley's Central Bikeway, a Bike Superhighway, to explain how to assess your data and tell your story. We will close with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority's eight mile LA River Path and describe what tools can be used to effectively test your data and help you validate your story. Data analysis methods presented will include appropriate corridor data gathering techniques, projecting future user demand, assessing how much space is required to accommodate various levels of use and assessing user comfort along a proposed multimodal pathway corridor. This session will help practitioners translate their data-heavy findings into something that is compelling and understandable to all.

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