Schools Streets: Testing Car-free Zones Around Schools

3:00 pm ET


  • Jiya Benni, 8 80 Cities
  • Katherine Frohlich, University of Montreal
  • Laura Zeglen, City of Mississauga

'School Streets' are an innovative solution to reduce the vehicle congestion and traffic safety risks commonly seen around schools, and to encourage children, families and teachers to use active transportation. By limiting the traffic on the street in front of schools and prioritizing that space for people walking, cycling and rolling to school, School Streets reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, encourage a healthier lifestyle and create a safer and more accessible environment for students, caregivers, teachers and the broader school community. They also facilitate independent mobility and provide opportunities for community connections and social bonding. Several Canadian cities are testing School Streets during 2022, including Hamilton, Mississauga, Markham, Kingston, Montreal and Vancouver. Each School Street pilot is unique to the context of the community and the capacity of the local project partners.  The results from these pilots are being used to develop recommendations for the planning, permitting and implementation of School Streets programs in municipal settings.

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