Centering Equity in Transportation Planning and Design

3:00 pm ET


  • Emma Kogge, City of Columbus
  • Willis Brown, Bronzeville Neighborhood Association
  • Kevin Dickens, Michael Baker International
  • Donna Marbury, Warhol & Wall Street

The transportation profession has a history of being leveraged to maintain or exacerbate systems of inequity. Come learn about how the City of Columbus is intentionally working to create equitable solutions to serve existing and future residents on the Mount Vernon Avenue corridor. Mount Vernon Avenue, once known as the "Million Dollar Mile" was the center of Black wealth, culture, and society. But like many thriving Black communities, highway construction devastated the Bronzeville neighborhood. Many Black families were forced to sell their homes at below market prices and relocate outside of the neighborhood. Businesses were disrupted and displaced. By the early 2000s, Bronzeville, which had peaked as a thriving neighborhood in the 1940s with almost 70,000 residents, shrank to only 16,000.

Hear from representatives of the project team and community about:
- the value of identifying and incorporating missing expertise into decision making processes, 
- why spending time in a corridor improves the work product, 
- how examining the history of structural racism improved decision making,
- and other ways this project was developed through the lens of mobility justice.

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