Transforming the Experience for People on Bikes: How Two North American Communities Have Successfully Implemented Low Stress Networks

3:00 pm ET


  • Stacie Desai , Project Engineer, Toole Design
  • Amar Mohite, Director, Planning and Infrastructure, Harris County, Texas
  • Sarah Webb, Manager of Sustainable Transportation Planning and Development, City of Victoria, BC

The cities of Houston, TX and Victoria, BC could hardly be more different. Yet both have successfully implemented multi-phase bikeway networks in an uncommonly fast time, including many miles of separated bike lanes. The workshop will describe how this has transformed and expanded the low-stress bicycle network in both communities, with an emphasis on lessons learned from both the similarities and differences in the planning, design, and delivery methods that were used. Speakers will include local agency staff and members of the consultant teams who worked with the communities to deliver state of the art bike facilities while respecting the local context.

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