Accommodating Active Transportation Through Work Zones

3:00 pm ET


  • Kalle Hakala, Alta Planning + Design
  • Jesse Thornsen, MnDOT Metro District

Safety and comfort for a broad range of people are a few of the guiding principles for bikeway planning and design. When construction near a bikeway happens, a typical default approach can be to close the bicycle facility and merge people on bicycles into traffic. While this may be ok for the most confident of people on bicycles, it doesn't serve all bicycle user profiles. Accommodating people on bikes through work zones requires a decision-making process and criteria that serve all levels of bicyclist comfort. This webinar will walk through a flow of alternatives work zone designers should consider for accommodating people on bikes while they are developing the staging and management of a work zone. Special considerations such as existing major barrier crossing closures will be examined, as well as the need for notification, engagement, and signage.

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